"Family, friends & sports was the reason I joined Las Posas. The relaxed atmosphere and friendliness at the club was so appealing we joined within weeks of being guests at the club and we continue to enjoy every moment. It’s truly our home away from home."  

Deanna & Stan Levy
Participating Members Since 2004

“Las Posas Tennis has all the right ingredients: qualified pros, beautiful courts, fun events, and the best tennis members around!”

Sharon & Don Erickson
Tennis Members since 2004

“Although I was born and grew up in Oxnard, I learned and honed my golf swing at Las Posas Country Club in Camarillo, where my parents, Jack and Barbara, were members for over 30 years. During my junior playing days, and even during my tenure on the UCLA golf team. “As the saying goes, ‘the more things change, the more they stay the same.' That certainly applies to LPCC and its family atmosphere, which have remained intact since the Club was founded in 1958. LPCC is ideal for families, and the fun, safe, and welcoming environment is as important today as it was back then for me and my parents and brothers. When I was growing up, one or more of us could be found all the time at the Club. Of course, both my mom and dad played, as did my brothers Fletcher and Matt. You might even say golf was one of the many things that bonded us together as a family. There’s no doubt in my mind LPCC helped strengthen that bond.”  “Now that I have my own children, I look back on those days at LPCC fondly and with great satisfaction. Las Posas will always hold a special place in my heart, and I hope the Club’s members, potential new members, and their families derive as much enjoyment from the course, staff, and facilities as my family did over the years.”

Corey A. Pavin

1995 U.S. Open Champion / FOX Sports In-Studio Golf Analyst
Member, Champions Tour / 15-Time PGA TOUR Winner
Member, Southern California Golf Association (SCGA) Hall of Fame

“As a member for over 50 years I can truly say Las Posas Country Club has played a major role in my life as a wife, mother and finally a widow. I was always driving to Camarillo for my social life, my athletic life (playing golf) and driving my boys to the Club to play golf. Looking back on those years, it was great. As it turned out it was a very good investment! They all make their living from golf. A lot of the members asked me about all the driving I did with the boys in Jr. Golf and my answer was “I would rather see the Pavin name on the sports page than the police blotter.”  

Barbara Pavin
Participating / Social Member since 1964

Mother of Corey Pavin

Las Posas Country Club offers a unique experience in a family friendly environment. From being out at the pool or a challenging game on the golf course, our experience has been rewarding and lots of fun. Since we joined Los Posas Country Club we have enjoyed many special events as well cultivating many special friendships. LPCC is the Club of choice! 

Charles & Paige Giacchi
Participating Members Since 2009

We discovered Las Posas by accident one Saturday morning in the spring of 2010.  We were test driving a new motorcycle and our guide took us through the backroads of Camarillo through an area that we might not have discovered if not for that ride.  The rolling hills surrounding LPCC, and the peaceful neighborhood, convinced us to move to Camarillo and join one of the nearby clubs. There’s lots of competition for private country clubs in Ventura County, and we knew that a semi- private or public course would not provide that sense of connection and comradery that we were looking for.  We looked at Spanish Hills and although the facility looked newer, for us it lacked warmth and a welcoming feel.  We checked out Saticoy, and with no tennis courts and limited dining, that wouldn't work for our needs. We decided Las Posas offered casual and elegant dining, golf, tennis and lots of activities for us to make new friends.  It’s the blend of successful professionals and easy going lifestyle that convinced us to join a year before we sold our house and moved to Camarillo.  We waited for the right house, now on #16, and made new friends, which made our move to Camarillo that much easier. 

Lance & Maria King
Participating Members Since 2010

When we were looking at local clubs to join our choice was LPCC because of its location and family oriented atmosphere and we have not been disappointed.  When we joined my husband was the only golfer. A year later I decided to try golf so I took lessons from Louie and became involved in the ladies 9 hole group.  The encouragement and comradery experienced with the nine hole group is why I learned to appreciate golf.  Now my husband and I both golf weekly and participate in golf tournaments. I am a member of Las Posas Women’s Club and have served on the LPWGA board.  We both serve on planning committees for the Club.   Our grandchildren participate in tennis, golf, and swim lessons.   We are grateful for the friendships we have developed at LPCC and enjoy the special dinner events and entertainment.  The atmosphere of LPCC has been and continues to be a great experience for us. 

Carol & Allen Vines
Participating Members Since 2004

There is no better way to make friends in golf than getting involved in the social life of your Club.  At LPCC the social life is full of fun, active and positive members who like to have a great time.  I appreciate the friendly, professional staff and enjoyment the Club brings. Our active ladies group host monthly tournaments with the opportunity to bring a Guest or be teamed up with other members.  We have tournaments with good competition at every level. I love that there is never a lack of opportunity to get a game at LPCC, appreciate the flexibility to play at the spur of the moment and you rarely have to wait on the group in front of you.  It’s easy to get addicted to golf at LPCC, where we celebrate friendships old and new. 

Linda Anglin
Participating Member Since 2004

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